Muhammad the prophet of Satan

Islam is a Satanic religion, Allah and Satan became muslims. Muhammad received revelations from Satan. The Quranic book contains Satanic verses (Quran 53:19-20). Hadiths also testify that the Lord of Muhammad is Satan (Sahih al-Bukhari 1125). Allah, Satan, and Muhammad work under the same umbrella called Islam. Muhammad committed grave sexual immoralities, mass brutal killings, and robbery in the name of his god Allah. These are signs that he followed not the will of God but of Satan.

A.) According to Muhammad the bell is of the devil 

[Sahih Muslim 2114] Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: The bell is the musical instrument of the Satan. 

[Sunaan Abu Dawud: Book 34, Hadith no. 4218] The Apostle of Allah said: “Women cannot wear bells on their legs. There is a devil along with each bell.”

B.) Muhammad testified that divine revelation resembles to the sound of a ringing bell 

[Sahih Al-Bukhari: Vol. 4, Book 54, Hadith no. 438] “Narrated Aisha: Al Harith bin Hisham asked the Prophet, “How does the divine inspiration come to you?” He replied, “In all these ways: The Angel sometimes comes to me with a voice which resembles the sound of a ringing bell, and when this state abandons me, I remember what the Angel has said, and this type of Divine Inspiration is the hardest on me; and sometimes the Angel comes to me in the shape of a man and talks to me, and I understand and remember what he says.”

C.) Muhammad received Qurans from Satan 

1. [Umdah al-Ahkam: Vol. 3, Hadith no. 460] “Narrated by Anas Ibn Malik “I heard from the Apostle of Allah (Peace and blessing be upon him) that he said “Allah was Satan in the form of an angel that revealed to me the verses and his book the Quran and I’ am his prophet 

رواه أنس ابن مالك “سمعت من رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أنه” كان الله شيطان في شكل ملاك كشف لي الآيات وكتابه القرآن وأنا نبي 

2. [The Life of Muhammad: A Translation of Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, with introduction and notes by Alfred Guillaume [Oxford University Press, Karachi, Tenth impression 1995], pp. 165-167]

“. . . Then God sent down the revelation. ‘By the star when it sets! Your companion has not erred or gone astray, and does not speak from mere fancy…’ (Quran 53:1) When he reached God’s words, “Have you seen al-Lāt and al-‘Uzzā and Manāt, the third, the other?’ (Quran 53:19-20) Satan cast upon his tongue, because of what he had pondered in himself and longed to bring to his people, ‘These are the high-flying cranes and their intercession is to be hoped for.’

When Quraysh heard that, they rejoiced. What he had said about their gods pleased and delighted them, and they gave ear to him. The Believers trusted in their prophet with respect to what he brought them from their Lord: they did not suspect any slip, delusion or error. When he came to the prostration and finished the chapter, he prostrated and the Muslims followed their prophet in it, having faith in what he brought them and obeying his command. Those mushrikūn of Quraysh and others who were in the mosque also prostrated on account of what they had heard him say about their gods. In the whole mosque there was no believer or kāfir who did not prostrate. Only al-Walīd bin al-Mughīra, who was an aged shaykh and could not make prostration, scooped up in his hand some of the soil from the valley of Mecca [and pressed it to his forehead]. Then everybody dispersed from the mosque.

Quraysh went out and were delighted by what they had heard of the way in which he spoke of their gods. They were saying, ‘Muhammad has referred to our gods most favourably. In what he has recited he said that they are “high-flying cranes whose intercession is to be hoped for”.

Those followers of the Prophet who had emigrated to the land of Abyssinia heard about the affair of the prostration, and it was reported to them that Quraysh had accepted Islam. Some men among them decided to return while others remained behind.

Gabriel came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Muhammad, what have you done! You have recited to the people something which I have not brought you from God, and you have spoken what He did not say to you.’ . . . “

3. [Quran 22:52] Never did We send a Messenger or a Prophet before you, but; when he did recite the revelation or narrated or spoke, Shaitan (Satan) threw (some falsehood) in it. But Allah abolishes that which Shaitan (Satan) throws in. Then Allah establishes His Revelations. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise: 

COMMENT: The funny thing on this verse is that after Satan was successfully put his own Qurans (Revelations) into Muhammad’s mouth accross Allah’s protection, Allah still claimed without shame that He is the all-knower and the all-wise. Furthermore, Quran 22:52 says Allah abolishes the Satanic verses yet they are still in Quran 53:19-20, have you spotted the stupidity of this verse? And how can Allah abolish the Satanic verses spoken by Muhammad which were heard by many? Unless Allah will erase the memory of Muhammad and the witnesses present at the time His prophet accepted Satan’s Quran. 

[Al-Jalalayn tafsir on Quran 22:52]: It says Qurans 53:19-20 are Satanic verses received by Muhammad 

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Watch video 1: Muhammad became the prophet of Satan 

D.) Allah is the best of deceivers, the same description of Satan in the Bible 

[Quran 3:54] But they (the Jews) were deceptive, and Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers (Wamakaroo wamakara Allahu waAllahu khayru al-makireena)

[Revelation 12:9] And the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

Watch video 2: Allah has similar attributes with Satan described in the Bible

E.) The Lord of Muhammad is Satan 

[Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 475] Once Allah’s Apostle became sick and could not offer his night prayer (Tahajjud) for two or three nights. Then a lady (the wife of Abu Lahab) came and said, “O Muhammad! I think that your Satan has forsaken you, for I have not seen him with you for two or three nights!” On that Allah revealed: ‘By the forenoon, and by the night when it darkens, your Lord (O Muhammad) has neither forsaken you, nor hated you.’ (Quran 93.1-3) 

[Sahih al-Bukhari 1125] Narrated Jundab bin `Abdullah: Gabriel did not come to the Prophet (for some time) and so one of the Quraish women said, “His Satan has deserted him.” So came the Divine Revelation: “By the forenoon And by the night When it is still! Your Lord (O Muhammad) has neither Forsaken you Nor hated you.” (93.1-3)

Watch video 3: Allah is Satan according to Islamic books

F.) Allah took Shahada, thus became a Muslim

According to Quran, the confession of faith (Shahada) is “to bear witness that there is no god but Allah”. And this is what Allah did, he took Shahada himself along with the angels and the possessors of knowledge. There is not a single verse in Quran that says the testimony of faith is “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”, no inclusion of Muhammad. 

[Quran 3:18] Allah (Himself) bears witness that there is no god but He, and (so do) the angels and the possessors of knowledge, standing firm for justice; there is no god but He, the Mighty, the Wise

[Quran 20:14] Verily, I am ALLAH; there is no god but I, so worship ME alone and observe Prayer for my remembrance

COMMENT: According to these Koranic verses (3:18 & 20:14), Allah converted to Islam. On the video 4 presented below, Satan converted to Islam too. And referring to Quran 6:14, Muhammad was the first Muslim. Therefore, these three (Muhammad, Allah, and Satan) are brothers who work under the same roof called Islam. 

Watch video 4: Satan converted to Islam, thus became a Muslim. This indicates that Satan works for Allah or they are one being.

G.) Muhammad ran away from a woman who was possessed by a demon Allah

[Sunan Al Daraqutni Volume 1, page 739] Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Malik: And I saw a woman possessed by the devil, and the Apostle of Allah (peace and blessing upon him) came to cast out this, and he asked the woman, “who are you?” and she answered, “I am Allah” and he was scared to flee from the woman.

Watch video 5: A Demon named ‘Allah’ possessed a woman

H.) Allah decreed that all Muslims will go to Hell

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I.) Allah will marry qualified Muslims to dwellers of Hell

[Sunan Ibn Majah, Zuhd (Book of Abstinence) 39] “Abu Umama narrated: “The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Everyone that Allah admits into paradise will be married to 72 wives; two of them are houris and seventy of his inheritance of the [female] dwellers of hell. All of them will have libidinous sex organs and he will have an ever-erect penis”

COMMENT: If the dwellers of Allah’s Jannah can marry and have sex with the dwellers of Hell, it means that Satan and Allah are one or have a close relationship, thus Hell and Jannah are sister places. According to the Bible, no one can get across from Hell to Paradise and vice versa because it is separated by a great chasm (Luke 16:26). 


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Author: Renz Pejana Silawan

The author is just a simple man, He was a carving and carpentry sub-contractor. But lately, he discovered that his true passion is writing. He studied at the University of San Jose-Recoletos, took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. The fear of death knocked on his mind when he aquired 3 lumps on his neck in 2010. He realized that the most important thing to a man is eternal life. He found out that the Bible is consistent in its teaching and backed up by spiritual and physical evidences. Today, he is happy knowing that there is a God who will receive him in the afterlife. And he wants to share this discovery to all people who are willing to accept this good news.

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  1. Dear Brother Renz,

    Shalom! Please keep your true records of “Satanic Islam.” You are one of the few defenders of Christianity by exposing how wicked was Muhammad the false prophet of Islam. The LORD God of Israel the Father, and our dear Lord and Saviour JESUS Christ bless and keep thee, thy family, and thy beloved church. Amen. Take good care and keep your website active beloved – it is very significant for Christianity, Amen.

    I had my own too then, which virtuous “WIX” takes good care of now:

    * You may find me here also:

    HalleluYAH! <3

    If you have not known yet, the Roman Catholic Christian church is "Church of Pergamos" in the Holy Bible, one of the seven churches in the hand of our LORD, the Almighty Lamb of God [JESUS/ YAHSHUA], Amen. HalleluYAH! – REVELATION 2.12-16 etc.

    HalleluYAH! <3

    To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.
    Jude 1.25

    Yours in the love of Christ JESUS, the Almighty,
    Cesar (John)/ Wild-Olives Publishing/ Philadelphia Ministry/Church (REV. 3.7-12)

    1. brother Cesar, sorry for the late reply, thanks for your encouraging message, and it inspires me more. I had visited your sites particularly on facebook. I have also three accounts in Facebook one of them is Leon Kilat. These accounts are devoted for debate in defending our Catholic Faith. I also operate two pages in facebook called ‘islam lies exposed’ and ‘the ancient path’.

      1. Mate, the flipping bible defines god: First it says worship him and him alone, then you say worship christ and the holy spirit. So Yeah. I exposed u. May Allah Punish your fucked brain.

    2. Greetings my sibing …child of Adama, salam: I love your spelled “HalleluYAH!” I HEAR Allah from it and it read Allah between two (H)… a praise that does ont refer to Al Messiah… peace out

    3. Salam again: your claim of exposing Muhammad’s faluts… it is written the act of exposing any faults against a person who claims belief in the Creator is the act of an unforgettable sin- JC … “blasphemy of the holy spirit”
      Love that gospel
      Peace out

  2. May Allah punish you for writing this evil fake article against Islam, you are indeed following satan he’s riding you like a human rides a horse, you will be held accountable for every lie you have uttered against the lord of the worlds wait and see what’s going to happen to you
    The curse will be on the wrongdoers. Satan is so happy and proud of your evil actions.

    1. @Bro. Noor, Allah cannot harm anyone because it’s a pagan god. Long time before Muhammad, Allah was already worshiped by the pagans. One proof for that is the pagan grandparents of Muhammad named their son “Abdullah” which means “slave of Allah”. The Arab pagans believed Allah as the moon god which married the Sun god, and they begot three daughters namely Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. The pagans and Muhammad also prostrated to these three daughters (Quran 53:19-20). How can you Muslims say that Allah is the true God yet He has three daughter idols? Kindly read these:

      1. Al-Lat is one of the daughters of Allah along with Al-Uzza and Manat
      2. Muhammad, the Muslims (companions), And the Pagans (Quraish) worshiped the black stone together. How can you Muslims say that you’re not pagans when you and the pagans worship the same god?

      1. By your logic, you indirectly saying Christianity is a false religion too?


      3. @Muslimproee
        You can find the daughters of Allah in Quran 53:19-20, which is also known as the Satanic verses. Unfortunately, you are pagan according to Islamic Scriptures If the islamic sources presented in the article are fake in your standpoint, then you only testify that islam is a fake religion. How can you say Islam is the true religion yet it has no reliable books or sources?

      4. You gay whore. You wipe ur ass with the bible and you sleep with 50 men. Mr broke 3rd world alien farmer.

      5. Your gay prophet kissed a man , sucked a boy’s tongue, kissed a boy’s penis, and wore Aisha’s dress:

        Muhammad Sucked the Tongue of a Boy;

        [Syrian Biography of Muhammad written by Al-Amin Al-Mamoun, Chapter Title: The first people to believe in the prophet]: For it was narrated by Fatimah Bint Asad, the mother of Ali who related that when she gave birth to her son, it was the prophet who named him Ali and the prophet spat in Ali’s mouth then allowed to suck on his tongue till he fell asleep.

        Muhammad Kissed a Boy’s Little Penis;

        [Hadith number 16245 Volume title, the sayings of the Syrians Hadith of Mu’ awiya Ibn Abu Sufyan]: He (the prophet) put Husein’s legs apart and kissed his (little) penis

        Muhammad wore Aisha’s dress;

        [Sahih al-Bukhari 2393] ” . . . then the prophet said to her, “Do not hurt me with Aisha, for the inspiration did not come upon me when I was in a women’s garment except that of Aisha.”

      1. Zu welchem Vers sagt Ibn Kathir, dass Samas “ausgehöhlter glatter Stein” bedeutet?

      2. Mate, I have the Quran and Sunnah. NOT THE MANIPULATED ONES WHICH U HAVE.
        And also, Just watch……

      3. Brother, son of Adama : salamoon this reference about the black stone being Allah Al Hamdulillah its it written in your bible, ” …You are my Rock…” – David the King of Jews.
        I trust in all of It … all the books are from Allah … peace out

  3. Shalom! Kann ich wissen, woher du die Überlieferung aus Sunan al Daraqutni hast? Würde mich über einen Link freuen! Selber finde ich es nicht… Es gibt zwar bei das erste Band, aber da geht es bis 600 noch was Seiten. Würde mich um eine Antwort freuen!

  4. Hey, can you send me a link source for the Hadith in Sunan al-Daraqutni Vol. 1 Page 739?

    1. @islamiyya
      How dare you accuse me of insulting your prophet, I only inform the people what is the content of the Islamic books. If the information inside the Quran and Hadiths for you is an insult, well, it is not me who insult your prophet but the Islamic Scriptures. And speaking of ‘insult’, how about your prophet saying your Allah is uncircumcised, is this an insult or not?

      1. Are you threatening me?
        Muhammad is respected well in islam. You have achieved falsehood. And on the Day of Judgment, only you and your works will face hell.

      2. Salam a second time upon you my kin a child of Adam: its Written JC (Jesus Christ) is and will be the bride’s groom … so we will find out how has to deal the that un-cir-cum-cised thing he’s bride’s will take for an eternity in paradise (the new earth) different from. HEAVENS WERE WE ARE LIKE ANGELS NO SEX … ONLY JUDGMENT. PEACE OUT
        Got to love JC
        Love that islam

    1. Greetings Brother, son of Adama: how is it that you state rot in Hell … how can one rot when always like burning coal… peace out
      They say they believe but they don’t…

      1. Hi, I really want to meet you, your content is very interesting and makes lots of sense, can we talk one day?

  5. Allah is not pagan.
    He says in Surah Ikhlaas:

    قُلْ هُوَ ٱللَّهُ أَحَدٌ ١ ٱللَّهُ ٱلصَّمَدُ ٢ لَمْ يَلِدْ وَلَمْ يُولَدْ ٣ وَلَمْ يَكُن لَّهُۥ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌۢ ٤
    Muhammad, Say: He is Allah, One and indivisible
    Allah the Sustainer
    He has never had offspring, nor was he born
    And there is none comparable to him

    Shut up. Pagan? Even the Quran says otherwise.
    If you read past the so called satanic verses, you will find that allah diminishes all claims of al lat and uzza and humiliates its pagan worshipers

    1. @.. Use your common sense. How come the pagan grandparents and father of Muhammad also worshiped Allah? In fact, the father of Muhammad was named “Abdullah” (which means “slave of Allah”) in honor of Allah. The pagans knew Allah before Muhammad’s birth, in the pre-Islamic period. . If the Quraysh who worshiped Allah were pagans what about the Muslims who worship Allah also? Historically, Allah is a pagan god who begot three daughters named Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. . Muhammad received Satanic revelations, and his Allah did not know it. Can you call a book holy if it has satanic verses? How can you trust a god and his messenger who were outwitted by Satan?

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