My Supernatural Experiences

When I was only 5 years old, while I was frolicking over the palms of the newly grown coconut tree, I suddenly saw a man who was like wearing a white long-sleeved upper garment and white trousers. And when I turned my sight to his face, I found out that it can’t be seen _he had no head. In panic, I ran as much as I could towards our house which was about 60 meters away from the coconut tree.  When I reached inside the house, I quickly peeped through a wall crevice to inspect who was that, but there was no one outside. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the surroundings was clear and no activity.

In 1996, I was the first to move into our new house. It was partially finished having no windows (only window jambs), no bed, and no comfort room yet. The south side of our house was a wide bush, with no resident except a single grave during world war 2. One night at about 10, I heard footsteps in the attic. I just didn’t mind it and went on sleeping. At around 12 o’clock midnight, I rose and went outside in order to pee. As soon as I came outside, the door was suddenly slammed. I just told my mind that it was just driven by a wind though it wasn’t windy at that moment. After peeing, I headed to the door, when I tried to open it, I found it locked. I turned to the window opening and climbed on it to get into the house. Those inexplicable incidents happened to me more than ten times. Two years later, the rest of my family also moved to the new house. My father had those inexplicable incidents too. One midnight he grumbled and accused me of locking the door while he was outside peeing. 

Another incident in 1997, it was about 1 a.m., while I slept on the table beside the window sill, I was awaken by a sudden strong tweak on my nose, it was so painful that the sting in my nose lingered for minutes. I quickly jumped out from the window and picked up a stone so that I could hit back the perpetrator. I got enraged with my cousin Jethro, I thought he was the one responsible of the attack. I roved around the house but I had found no one. Then my mind told me instinctively that it wasn’t Jethro certainly, an ordinary person could not get away from my sight at that quickness since I responded the attack right away. Nevertheless I confronted Jethro the following day, and he told me in Bisaya, ” unsay akung makuha sa pagbangon og tungang gabii aron lang magbinuang og tawo?”, “what do I benefit to rise at midnight just to make fun of somebody?”. I  knew he’s telling the truth, we used to taunt each other but not that grievous.

One morning in 2005, I arrived home from a bar at 3 a.m. and went to bed right away wearing only a brief as my habit before. In that time, my sleeping room was in the attic and I was the only one who slept there. At 6 a.m., I woke up with a shock, I was wearing a corduroy shorts and T-shirt already. I no longer used that corduroy shorts anymore since it’s already tight for me and its zipper was broken. I wonder where that corduroy shorts came from for I had junked it a long time ago. And if there’s somebody who clothed me at that moment, for sure I would be awaken from the act. That was the most mysterious thing that I had ever encountered in my life. That day I was convinced that there’s indeed a supernatural being that made fun of me. 

One night in 2006, a week after my father died, while I slept in the attic at 11 p.m., I heard heavy footsteps climbing on the stairs. I had observed that the footsteps were going towards to where I laid. I wanted to rise but I couldn’t move, I just closed my eyes firmly from intense fear. I could sense that he’s bringing a light, it must be from a flame of a candle or an incandescent lamp. I got terrified more when he brought the light next to my face. With all my might, I tried to move until I accidentally banged my foot against the bed’s bottom rail. The lingering pain in my foot helped me recovered my senses. I supposed it was a bad dream, but when that incident happened, I had heard the chat between my sister and sister-in-law downstairs. My thinking and hearing were intact only that I couldn’t move my body. I thought it was my father’s ghost who wanted me to light a candle on his blood’s grave. Right after that incident, I got up and went to my father’s blood’s grave to light a candle.

Another incident in 2010, I was reading in my room at around 10 in the morning. My mother was outside the house doing laundry. When I headed to the comfort room to urinate, I had seen a trail of spots of mud on the floor. It started from the main door going to the comfort room (approximately 12 meters apart), then from the comfort room going to the back door (approximately 7 meters apart). But what’s perplexing, there was no mud outside the main door as well as the back door, the mud was solely inside of the house. And what’s more perplexing, there’s no any mud puddle in our surroundings, so where that stinky mud came from? When my mother entered the house she asked me where the mud came from, I just answered, “I don’t even know, it just appeared suddenly”.

Another morning in 2011, my girlfriend Nicole forwarded me a message, she was angry with me for sending her an unwholesome text last night. Aside from being gorgeous, she is intelligent (a summa cum laude in her college time), an English teacher in the U.S., and a woman of dignity. She is sensitive, she doesn’t like a coarse speech. The content of the message was a professional or fluent English, except the last line that offended Nicole, which stated as, “shitam magbayad ka” which means “shit, you should pay”. I knew deep in my mind that I had not sent that kind of message to her, but nevertheless I scanned my sent items to verify it thinking that maybe I had texted her unconsciously. But after the scanning I had not found the same message as the one Nicole forwarded to me. I told her that perhaps it came from another source, and that she had pointed me wrongly, but she assured that it really came from me. It came to my mind that perhaps another person in the house tinkered my cellphone and sent the message to her, but who did? there’s nobody in our house could write fluent English, besides I don’t entrust my cellphone to anybody. Two months later, I had watched an episode featuring an old woman whom her grandson died in a drown accident. She narrated about the activities of her grandson’s ghost who still visited her. But I stuck on her testimony about the cellphone incident. She recounted that one morning as she emerged from the bathroom, she had observed her cellphone vibrating around on the center table, and eventually it received a message. The message was, “I love you lola”. She knew in her heart that it came from her beloved grandson whom she claimed a well-behaved child. Her testimony made me realized that a supernatural being could also do text messaging, as well as, could express different languages. It came to my mind that the one who sent a message to  Nicole was the supernatural being that kept haunting me. I was so infatuated with Nicole, whenever she’s in tantrum, she ignored me for days, week, or even a month that it made my heart so heavy and I felt like dying. This supernatural being perhaps sympathized my pain so it got angry with Nicole. 



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Author: Renz Pejana Silawan

The author is just a simple man, He was a carving and carpentry sub-contractor. But lately, he discovered that his true passion is writing. He studied at the University of San Jose-Recoletos, took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. The fear of death knocked on his mind when he aquired 3 lumps on his neck in 2010. He realized that the most important thing to a man is eternal life. He found out that the Bible is consistent in its teaching and backed up by spiritual and physical evidences. Today, he is happy knowing that there is a God who will receive him in the afterlife. And he wants to share this discovery to all people who are willing to accept this good news.

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